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Yucca Valley Preparing For New Sewer Upgrade

Posted on October 1, 2015 by Landvesting in Uncategorized

According to the Yucca Valley newspaper Hi-Desert Star, the Hi-Desert Water District is looking to begin construction on the waste-water reclamation project as early as Summer 2016. Find out what this means for potential and current investors, as well as the project timeline in 2016 below!

Earlier this year in May, property owners approved an assessment district to finance this sewer project. Since that approval, the assessment district has spent their time calculating the budget for this project, as well as the personnel needed to complete the job.

Currently, the area uses septic tanks for their waste management needs, but this will be phased out within the next few years. Why does this matter? As you might know, this plan to upgrade to a sewer system is going to cost a considerable amount of money, but this money in turn will supplement the property value once the project is completed.

While all of this is public information, how many people do you know following up on Hi-Desert news besides the people that live there? How many people do you know that invest in land? This is essentially insider information for those in the know, because now is the PERFECT time to purchase land. Prices are currently relatively low, and we have guaranteed information that the area will experience growth and progress.

The modernization of sewer systems will also prompt businesses to start looking in the area, which will in turn create jobs and more activity for the area overall. We are fortunate enough to be standing BEFORE the beginning of all of this happening. It is a great time to be an investor.

Here is the forecasted schedule as printed by Hi-Desert Star:

December 2015: Hire a construction manager to oversee the project

January 2016: All remaining loan documents will be submitted to the staff of the California Water Quality Control Board to finalize the loan from the State Revolving Fund

February 2016: Working with staff from the Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board to finalize a request to extend septic discharge prohibition dates for each phase.

March 2016: The district will seek approval of a low-interest expanded use loan from the State Water Resources Control Board for property owners to finance the costs to connect to the system.

Summer 2016: Construction begins

If you want to follow up on developments to this new sewer system, make sure to visit ProtectGroundwater.org, and check out the Hi-Desert Star website for local current news.


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