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Will your prices be increasing?
During the last five years, our sales prices have increased due to supply and demand. We believe this trend will continue.

What is the size of the parcel?
Parcel sizes range from 1.25 acres to 40 acres. You may purchase more than one parcel if you wish.

How may I use the land?
You can build a home or ranch, just provide your own utilities, or use the land for any number of recreational activities, including hiking, camping, horseback riding.

Why is land in Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Twenty-nine Palms and Landers so inexpensive? What’s the catch?
There is no catch. The area has not yet been discovered, most people are unaware of our cities and their natural beauty and accessibility. We also purchase large properties at low prices. By buying bigger parcels, it is possible to get a lower price per acre. We pass our savings on to our customers. We do not buy or sell substandard land.

Can we resell our property in the future and make a profit?
Yes, you can resell your property, however there is no guarantee of profit from any land sale. We believe there are many reasons for this upward trend: inflation, population growth, a decreasing supply of the land, the public’s desire for a more natural environment, a trend towards movement away from urban areas, and the increased popularity of outdoor recreational activities.

What other activities or attractions does the area offer?
The Hi-Desert is bordered on the West by the San Bernardino Mountains and the South by the Joshua Tree National Park, our community sits 3,334 feet above sea level. Pristine air, low humidity, moderate temperatures, and starry nights make Yucca Valley and the surrounding cities a Mecca for travelers and those who have grown weary of life in and around the city. Yucca Valley is 20 miles northeast of Palm Springs, California, with its beautiful landscape, rich culture, fine restaurants, spectacular resorts, and outstanding attractions. A second highway, SR 247, enters Yucca Valley from the north and provides access to Victorville and Interstate 15. Approximate driving time to Palm Springs is 30 minutes, Los Angeles is 2 hours, San Diego is 2 1/2 hours, and Las Vegas is 3 1/2 hours. Our closest major airport is Palm Springs International. We are close to ski and mountain resorts, the beaches, the Colorado River, numerous major attractions, and even a couple of major cities.

What other evidence is there of the growth in the area?
Many businesses have opened or moved into the area in recent years and more are arriving each day. In addition, a new 160 acre Casino and RV Campgrounds have recently opened in Twentynine Palms. New shopping centers, medical complexes, and more entertainment areas are being planned for the future.

How does this work?
It’s easy! Just select a property from our listings page and request more information by commenting or emailing, or call 562-355-9579.

Who owns the properties?
We own everything that we sell. We are not real estate brokers.

Are there any liens on the property?
No. All of our properties are insured and guaranteed to be free of any all liens. All purchases are handled through escrow and we pay for title insurance assuring clear title.

Do you offer financing?
Yes. We offer financing for any purchase.

How do you acquire your properties?
We acquire properties from many different sources, including private parties, estates, banks, foreclosures, government tax sales, etc. We look for bargains, so that hopefully you buy at a bargain price.