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John Melendez is the perfect example of a cross between a Renaissance man and a 21st Century entrepreneur. Defining himself as someone who is always evolving John enjoys learning and more importantly sharing what he has learned with those who want to listen and grow.

A native of Texas John left El Paso at an early age literally packing up what he had and pointing his motorcycle West. Arriving in California he secured an accounting position and taught himself about marketing and about how to profit from sales.

John is responsible for spearheading the birth growth and success of dozens of businesses over the last 20 years. His forte in marketing has led to countless successes in auto sales volumes and real estate transactions.

LandVesting focuses on real estate using the same basic fleetail sales concepts to benefit all of the parties involved in the real estate transaction.

John lives in California with his wife of 30 years.


To schedule an appointment to view the properties please contact:

Victor Diaz

Cell phone: 909-681-5812

Email: vmd0909@gmail.com